Tommy Lee full-frontal nude pic


Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee's new penis pic was the consequence of a "motherf-ruler drinking spree," the hero guaranteed at a new show.

"A long time prior, we had like a fourteen day sever the visit, and I went on a motherf-ruler drinking spree, brother," Lee, 59, expressed in front of an audience during the gathering's San Antonio, Texas, show on Monday

Recently, Lee stunned his Instagram adherents when he posted the full-front facing picture on his feed before rapidly bringing it down.

The performer, who was apparently presenting from a restroom, just subtitled the X-evaluated selfie, "Ooooopppsss."

Lee additionally given a test to his fans, proceeding, "For the most part, I mean I'm a titty man, so I like to see titties, however this evening is equivalent open door night. This evening I want to see everybody's d-k. Hey now young men, haul your s-t out. Haul your f-ruler garbage out. We should go."

The solicitation was met with the two cheers and sneers, as the "Andro" craftsman singled out one concert attendee.

"He's prepared to haul his d-k out. Show the entire world that motherf-lord sausage," the star hollered.

Nonetheless, this wasn't whenever that Lee's penis first turned into a star completely all alone. A sex tape that the drummer made in 1995 with then-spouse Pamela Anderson was spilled after he would not pay an electrical technician for work done in their chateau. The story was reenacted on Hulu's "Pam and Tommy" with Lily James and Sebastian Stan.